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Deactivation Policy

Last Updated: February 9, 2018

Our goal at TaxBud is to make tax and accounting services as reliable as running water everywhere, for everyone. We do that today by connecting clients who need tax and accounting services with Service Providers wanting to provide them. This is only possible when clients trust Service Providers, and vice versa. That’s why TaxBud has Community Guidelines that set out the behavior expected from both sides. Clients or Service Providers who breach these Guidelines or our terms of service may lose access to TaxBud, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the seriousness of the breach.

While it’s up to individual Service Providers to decide when and where to use TaxBud, they must do so in ways that are consistent with our terms of service. To support them as they use the app, we believe it is important to have clear, published guidelines that set out what we may consider to be a breach of these terms, and explaining the circumstances in which they may be denied access to TaxBud.

There will always be unforeseen events that may ultimately lead to deactivation–and we’ll update these guidelines regularly–but the following are sufficient cause for deactivation because they are a breach of our terms of service: quality; fraud; safety and discrimination.


Clients who use TaxBud expect their Service Provider to complete quality work in a timeful manner, as well as be courteous and respectful. The higher the quality of the service, the more clients want to utilize your services. Poor service has the opposite effect over time.

There are several ways we measure service quality, with the most important being Star Ratings and Cancellation Rate:

Star Ratings

After every project, clients rate their service provider on a five-star scale and give feedback on how the service went. This system holds service providers accountable for their own behavior. Accountability helps create a respectful, safe environment for everyone. Service providers can see their current rating in the Ratings tab of their TaxBud Profile.

How is my rating as a service provider calculated? Your rating is based on an average of the number of post-project stars clients gave you (from 1 to 5 stars), up to your last 500 rated trips or the total number of rated projects you’ve taken.

The easiest way to keep your average rating high is to provide good service on every service. Service providers on the TaxBud platform provide excellent service to their clients, so most services run smoothly. But we know that sometimes a service doesn’t go well—that’s why we only look at your average rating. This gives you the chance to improve over time.

What leads to deactivation? There is currently a minimum average rating of 3.0. If your average rating falls below the minimum, your account will be deactivated.

Cancellation Rate
A cancellation is when a service provider accepts a project and then cancels or discontinues working on it for whatever reason. Cancellations create a poor experience and negatively affect other users. We understand that there may be times when something comes up that causes a service provider to cancel an accepted project, but minimizing cancellations is critical for the reliability of the system and cancelling is therefore not recommended.

How is my cancellation rate calculated? Your cancellation rate is based on the number of projects cancelled out of the total number of projects you accept. (For example, if you’ve accepted 100 trips and 4 of them are cancelled, your cancellation rate would be 4%.)

High-quality service providers typically have a low cancellation rate less than 3%.

What leads to deactivation? If your cancellation rate continues to exceed the maximum limit of 5%, your account may be deactivated.

Fraudulent activity undermines the trust on which TaxBud is built. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for fraud by service providers (and clients) who are gaming our systems.

Creating a duplicate account for fraudulent purposes — including creating a new account after permanent deactivation — is not allowed on the TaxBud platform.

What leads to deactivation? We will deactivate any account or accounts (including permanently) associated with fraudulent activity, which may include: Deliberately increasing the time/cost of a project; Accepting projcts without the intention to complete, including provoking clients to cancel; Creating dummy service provider or client accounts for fraudulent purposes; Claiming fraudulent fees or charges, like false fees; and Intentionally accepting or completing fraudulent or falsified projects.

Issues that can lead to deactivation include:
TaxBud’s Community Guidelines

All users of the TaxBud platform agree to abide by our community guidelines while using the platform. These Guidelines create a shared standard of respect, accountability and common courtesy for everyone.

What leads to deactivation? TaxBud may deactivate the account of any service provider who does not follow the Community Guidelines, with, for example: Violent or inappropriate behavior; Abusive language; or Having consumed illegal substances during a service.

Zero Tolerance for Drugs & Alcohol

TaxBud does not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol by service providers while using the platform.

What leads to deactivation? The account of any service provider found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while using the TaxBud platform will be permanently deactivated. TaxBud may also deactivate the account of a service proider who receives several unconfirmed complaints of drug or alcohol use.

Compliance with the Law

We expect service providers using the TaxBud app to act in compliance with all relevant national and local laws.

What leads to deactivation?
TaxBud may permanently deactivate for activities such as: Engaging in illegal activity while using the TaxBud app.


All service providers wanting to use the TaxBud app are required to undergo a screening process, like background checks, to ensure safety and compliance with our criteria.

What leads to deactivation? We will permanently deactivate a service provider’s account if a routine background check uncovers a violation of TaxBud’s safety standards or of other criteria required by local regulators.

Unacceptable Activities

To maintain the transparency and safety of the TaxBud platform for all users, activities conducted outside of the monitored system of the TaxBud app—like anonymous services—are in breach of the services agreement between TaxBud and you.

What leads to deactivation? We will take action against a driver for activities such as: Harming the business or brand, like unauthorized use of TaxBud ‘s trademark or intellectual property, breaching the confidentiality provisions of the services agreement or otherwise breaching the services agreement with TaxBud; and Soliciting client payment outside the TaxBud system.

We do not tolerate discrimination on our platform.

What leads to deactivation? It is unacceptable to refuse to provide services based on characteristics like a person’s race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under relevant law. Actions like these will result in permanent deactivation.

Getting Back Online After Deactivation

If your account has been deactivated, you may be eligible for reactivation under certain circumstances. Please contact TaxBud for more information.