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Public Company Services


Our experienced professionals serve public companies in many
ways – including taking them public.


From corporate governance programs to IPOs, TaxBud’s assurance professionals provide a wide range of services to public companies. With a unique depth of resources, TaxBud is able to scale those services to fit the needs of smaller emerging growth companies, established companies expanding into to broader markets, and large, established clients. Our accountant’s years of experience have allowed us to develop close relationships with the SEC, investment banks, legal counsel, and major underwriters, uniquely positioning TaxBud to guide your business through a variety of growth activities and issues.

But more importantly, TaxBud maintains even closer relationships with our clients. Our flatter, non-bureaucratic business structure allows our assurance professionals to provide greater responsiveness, accessibility, and agility. And thanks to our extensive global network, TaxBud is able to maintain that closeness wherever your business needs take us.

Our select Public Company services include:

  • Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)

  • IPO Services

  • Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Advisory Services

  • SEC Registration and Filings


    Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)

    Streamlined data. And compliance, too.

    Since the SEC began requiring XBRL tagging in 2009, controversy has arisen around companies who provide inappropriate data, too many tags, deviations from standard tagging procedures, and other issues. With recent SEC hints that they may start issuing comment letters on XBRL data, increased scrutiny seems inevitable.

    TaxBud’s experienced service professionals utilize industry-leading software and deep experience to review your XBRL data, perform SOP 13-2 agreed upon procedures, and communicate quality issues, errors, or inefficiencies. TaxBud will make sure that your XBRL files are properly formatted and tagged in accordance with the current XBRL-US GAAP Taxonomy and all SEC regulations. Our services include:

  • Full XBRL tagging services

  • XBRL consulting services

  • Agreed-upon procedures

  • Comment letter resolution assistance

  • In addition to assuring SEC compliance, many companies find that proper use of XBRL can generate cost savings, streamline data consolidation and access, improve data accuracy and reliability, and speed up reporting timelines. In other words, to present data proactively, in a way that best positions your company in the eyes of investors and analysts.


    IPO Services

    Guidance, every step of the way.

    Going public can be a major benefit to your business, yet getting there is often a time consuming and daunting process. Preparation is the key to a successful IPO, and developing a comprehensive and forward-looking strategy is critical for long-term success. Responsibilities, financial structures, and management policies will change fundamentally before and after the process.

    TaxBud has guided numerous companies in going public, from the initial planning stage through to the final filing of the registration statement and initial reporting. Our dedicated professionals will work with your attorneys, investment banking professionals and team members, prepare for audit internal controls, assist in the development of corporate governance, and review financial reporting.

    TaxBud’s flat structure and partner-level service model ensures that you have access to senior-level professionals throughout the process, unlike many other large firms. Our accountant’s many years of experience have allowed us to build a relationship – and credibility – with both the SEC and investment banks.


    Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Advisory Services

    Where compliance meets efficiency.

    For many companies, complying with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 (SOX 404) can seem daunting – especially during the first year. Though often seen as a compliance exercise with little strategic or operational benefit, SOX 404 in fact stands to greatly benefit many companies. When implemented correctly, proper compliance and control systems can help businesses improve processes, reduce risk, and maximize resources.

    TaxBud’s professionals provide proven, innovative, and cost-effective recommendations to help clients reduce the risk of material misstatement, decrease the costs of unnecessary and redundant controls, and enhance the efficiency of financial and operational processes. In addition to management assessment and effectiveness testing, TaxBud also provides a full array of internal audit services, including entity-wide risk assessment.

    As in all our service areas, TaxBud’s hands-on client service philosophy gives us a direct view into the unique issues and challenges your organization faces, allowing us to tailor our services specifically to your needs, and to deliver them with minimal disruption to your operations.


    SEC Registration and Filings

    Compliance. Before – and after – the IPO.

    TaxBud’s dedicated professionals provide guidance to companies during the IPO process, as well those who have already gone public to help navigate the SEC rules and regulations.

    IPO Clients
    SEC registration is among the most highly regulated and arduous segments of the IPO process – as well as the most time-sensitive. Throughout the process, the registration statement is continually scrutinized and revised in order to determine whether a company’s financial information is presented factually, fairly, and in accordance with SEC disclosure requirements.

    TaxBud’s dedicated client service teams will work closely with your business to navigate the registration process. Our national group possesses years of experience and a deep knowledge of rules and regulations, and has developed long-standing relationships with the SEC as well as all major underwriters.

    Non-IPO Clients
    TaxBud provides existing public company audit clients with guidance to companies to assist in complying with filing requirements related to offerings, acquisitions or other transactions.. Our hands-on, partner-led service teams maintain continuity with clients, ensuring that your business has access to the individuals with the best understanding of your unique needs.

    Our professionals also participate in professional committees that interact directly with the SEC. So as rules and regulations change, as well as their interpretations, TaxBud is positioned to help you respond to those changes.