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Free consultation. No payment required. Only pay upon hire. Project protection guarantee.

Continuous Coverage

Only pay for what is complete

Clients often develop ongoing relationships with accountants on TaxBud and our guarantee applies to both the initial project and any future projects handled by your accountant. You should never have to pay for work that doesn’t meet your standards.


Highly vetted and reviewed

Work directly with former big CPA partners, senior associates, and general counsels who average over 10 years of experience from top-ranked CPA firms and Fortune 500 companies and have attended some of the best schools in the world. TaxBud regularly verifies the accountants in its network and our active client review system provides full transparency, allowing other clients to select the right accountant and receive high-quality work.

  • 10 average years of experience
  • 4.9 average rating
  • 5% of applications accepted to join the network

Practice areas, locations, and industries

Leverage the diversity of hundreds of accountants in the TaxBud network serving a wide range of tax areas and industries across the United States. Create your project and easily get connected to the right accountants for your business.

    • Specialists for technical and complex transactions
    • Industry-specific expertise
    • Serving all 50 States

For companies of all sizes

We cater to every sized business, in every industry, with any goal.

Tax advice anytime, anywhere

Tax issues can be costly and unpredictable. With TaxBud, you can send your dedicated accounting team a message whenever you’re near a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Your conversation carries over seamlessly across any browser and uses banking-grade encryption to keep it safe and confidential.

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Frequently asked, so we answered.

TaxBud embraces the power of technology. Engaging with customers directly and integrating modern technology into tax and accounting services, we are able to provide high quality services at a fraction of the price of traditional accounting firms. We believe that getting tax and accounting services should leave you happy and better informed, with extra cash in your pocket.

TaxBud helps your business with day-to-day tax matters, by giving you access to senior accountants available on-demand and at a fraction of cost of hiring a full-time executive general counsel or relying exclusively on CPA firm counsel.

TaxBud has arranged to match you with an accountant from our invite-only network of vetted General Counsel accountants. Our accountants have attended top schools like Harvard, Yale, and NYU, and worked at preeminent tech companies like Tesla, Google, and Apple. The network is screened, monitored daily, and are ready to handle your accounting matters as soon as you send a message.

After enrolling, you will be able to log in to your account and send your accountant text messages, audio messages, as well as picture and video messages in a private, text-based chat room.

Think of your accountant as your dedicated General Counsel who can help you will your day-to-day tax needs, contract review, financial reports, tax filings, general tax advice, and more.

Yes. While the plan doesn’t cover M&A deals, venture financings, ICO’s and litigation--we do provide members with a 20% discount on these services through the TaxBud flat-fee marketplace.

Yes! You will be matched with a dedicated accountant that will develop intimate knowledge of your business to help you succeed. Just like a full-time in-house counsel, our accountants will be available whenever you need them and take steps to be part of your management team.

Because our accountants are real people who have multiple clients, each accountant is a little different. Usually your accountant will respond once or twice a day. Some members like to set up a specific time once a week with their accountant so they can message each other in real time. The best thing to do is talk to your accountant about your schedule and your needs, and see what works best for you.

We accept all major debit/credit cards and bank transfers on a case-by-case basis.

We value your input and encourage you to reach out to Customer Support if you have any questions about anything nothing mentioned here.

For any questions not covered, you can always contact us via email at or call (800) 670-5801.

We will respond to most questions within one business day.