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Three Actionable Things Accountants Can Do To Polish Their Online Presence

Three Actionable Things Accountants Can Do To Polish Their Online Presence Word of mouth is great, it’s been the primary avenue for accountants to find new clients. However, an increasing amount of people aren’t resorting to a word of mouth referral to find an accountant for them. If they[…]

Three reasons to track finances year round when you’re self-employed

Written By: Mitchell Boogren Being your own boss can be liberating and terrifying at the same time. You set your own hours, decide your path and keep what you earn. You are also responsible for finding new work, building relationships and you aren’t paid unless you work. An irregular pay[…]

The go-to platform for tax services

Written By: Mitchell Boogren If you’ve ever had to find an accountant, you know that it can be easier said than done. You can head to Google, where you’ll be met with a wall of individual websites, with no effective way to compare qualifications or fees, and no transparency regarding the[…]

Things we care about at TaxBud

Written By: Mitchell Boogren We’re passionate about making the experience of getting tax and accounting help seamless, affordable, and transparent for individuals and small businesses. Our team is aggressively working each day to make sure that we’re: 1. Eliminating frictions so businesses[…]