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Blog Post | June 07, 2018

The go-to platform for tax services

Written By: Mitchell Boogren

If you’ve ever had to find an accountant, you know that it can be easier said than done.

You can head to Google, where you’ll be met with a wall of individual websites, with no effective way to compare qualifications or fees, and no transparency regarding the accountant or firm’s past performance. Or you can depend on word of mouth, but again, there’s no way to know whether the accountant you’ve been pointed to is the best person for the job.

Over the past few years, the Internet has started to figure out the challenges that come along with searching for high-quality professional services, and come up with some solutions: oDesk emerged to connect businesses with freelance writers; ZocDoc hit the scene to offer patients a simple, convenient way to find and compare qualified physicians.

At TaxBud, we think it’s time that the accounting community got this same kind of 21st century upgrade — one that makes it easy for would-be clients to see their options, make informed decisions, connect with tax/accounting professionals that meet their needs, and simplify the payment process.

At TaxBud, we believe you deserve to know all your options when seeking professional assistance. That’s why our marketplace-style platform makes it easier than ever for you to see all your options and make an informed decision based on the accountant’s price, experience, availability, and areas of expertise.

And clients aren’t the only ones that benefit from TaxBud’s platform: for accountants of all specialties and experience levels, TaxBud offers a unique opportunity to connect directly with potential clients and grow their practice.